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Drawn Towards …

A community about the importance of the craftsmanship of handmade-drawing. 

for professionals from the field of architecture and design.

The study association AnArchi (TU/e) recognized the importance of the handmade drawing. That’s how we came into contact with each other, and I participated in the drawing excursions ‘Teken op Reis’.

Together with drawing teacher Hélène Aarts and former student assistant Max van der Westerlaken I am working on a pro-version of the student-editions under the name; Drawn Towards …

To this end, we are building a community of architects and designers who recognize the importance and the skill of handmade drawing. [Sign in with your LinkedIn]

The plans are growing  and we are going to travel again. The first edition will go to Cairo Montenotte SV | Italy. More will follow soon on the community page (see LinkedIn or Instagram)


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